5+ Best CTR Manipulation Tools for Boosting SEO Ranking in the SERP

Harper Evergreen

December 29, 2023

Table of contents

  • Intro
  • Apex Traffic
  • SearchSEO
  • SEO Rank Hunter
  • CTR Boss
  • TrafficBot
  • Conclusion


On-page SEO has long been in focus of marketers and site owners aiming at higher positions in SERP. Goof content, links, keywords – it all matters in how Google ranks your page. Yet relatively recently, the topic of CTR has become all the rage, and for a reason. Click-through rate is the number of clicks on your page link in proportion to the number of viewers who saw your page expressed in percentage. The higher the CTR of your page, the better for it.

That’s why SEO experts and e-commerce owners are obsessing now about CTR improvement. Thrilling and creative ways to boost CTR are promised to everyone willing to click on SEO ads generously popping in the feed or sent in emails.

But what actually works? Are there proven ways to improve this metric without risking your site's reputation and position?

Yes, there are. Certain workable approaches can really help you. In this article, we will explore them and discover tools and services that can work wonders for your CTR.

What is CTR Manipulation Tool?

Improving CTR through a little targeted kick as compared to organic growth of clicks over time is called CTR manipulation. The phrase CTR manipulation in SEO does not have any hidden meaning or judgment in it, it merely means that there are some deliberate steps taken or measures implemented.

When you can provide a managed influx of clicks to your page on-demand, when necessary, and in a planned manner, it makes all the difference for the page's reputation and visibility to search engines. This is where CTR manipulation comes into play.

This influx of clicks can be gained in a number of ways, and one of the most reliable ones is using a CTR manipulation tool. This tool is a generic name covering various types of services. It may be a program that imitates users’ behavior in the browser, sending queries by keywords and clicking on the target link. When on the page, the program can do more searching, open a couple of tabs, or browse the target page for some time. Sometimes this program is called a bot or a script. The meaning is the same: an automated tool that performs clicking and makes it look like real users.

Otherwise, it can be a company that engages human clickers to do the job. They are segmented by countries, localities, devices, time of the day when they can operate, etc. The principle is the same: you order a specific number of clicks, clickers are notified, and they start acting – searching for keywords, opening the page, browsing it, etc. This service can be more expensive because clickers will get paid, but on the other hand, if you want to get clicks by real users only, you can have them.

Ultimately, setting the numbers straight for the campaign before you order clicks and having clear goals are what ensure quality and desired SEO results. Whether clicks come from bots or clickers, they should match your specific plan, that’s the key to success.

How Does a CTR Manipulation Tool Work?

A CTR manipulation software works rather simply: it creates for your page a required number of clicks spread over time and preferably categorized by countries and devices. These clicks are registered by popular analytical tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, thus improving the site’s metrics.

Yet the more important aspect is that CTR is accounted for when page ranking is calculated. Google does not admit it openly (but accounts for it anyway), and Bing openly says that CTR matters for ranking. So boosting CTR should be on your top priority list of SEO tasks.

That’s why you should care about CTR and find workable tools for improving it. A good and reliable CTR manipulation tool will provide a number of features that allow you to create a targeted campaign. Too many clicks at once – and Google starts suspecting something. Too few clicks – and you get no results at all. Various campaign settings, customized delivery plans, and good client support are the key signs that a tool is worth your time and money.

Below we will list the best companies that currently provide services of CTR manipulation and truly help you improve the SERP ranking of your page or site.

6 Best CTR Manipulation Tools for Boosting SEO Ranking in the SERP

Apex Traffic

We open our recommendation list with this company that offers an impressive variety of services including delivery of organic CTR traffic. It can be your one-stop shopping place for complex CTR manipulation SEO campaigns and specific keyword orders, and that’s why we bring it to your attention first.

Apex Traffic delivers top-class clicks for boosting CTR. The platform explains that they have a proprietary mechanism of generating safe clicks that really work for the benefit of the CTR of your site. Hence, you get clicks with unique IPs that can be segmented by countries, languages, local areas, devices, time of the day, etc. Each separate page-browsing activity lasts a reasonable amount of time not to be seen as a bounce, plus you can order visits to links found on the page and more.

The whole toolkit necessary for building a substantial and sophisticated clicks delivery process is in place, should you need it. Apex Traffic claims to have some innovative and proprietary algorithms that boost the efficiency of every campaign and their impact on the site’s reputation. But to know it for sure, you need to test their services. Fortunately, there is a free trial option, so you can actually see if they live up to their words (a spoiler: they do, as confirmed by customers).


  • Top-quality human-like CTR clicks
  • Keywords selection
  • Any number of projects you can launch for a domain
  • Monitoring of progress in real-time
  • Fine-tuning of types of CTR traffic to be delivered
  • Perfectly visible in Search Console and Google Analytics

Pros of Apex

  • Responsive and helpful support
  • Top-quality and affordable CTR traffic
  • Extensive learning base
  • Other types of traffic available
  • User-friendly

Cons of Apex

  • Trial options need to be negotiated separately
  • Plans pricing is calculated individually on-demand (so you can’t see it immediately on the page)
  • Free resources are very limited

Pricing: accessible, as mentioned by customers, but every plan needs to be built and calculated individually based on your needs.

Types of traffic

  • CTR
  • Organic
  • Social
  • Referral
  • Geo-segmented
  • Direct
  • Google Analytics and Search Console traffic
  • Mobile traffic
  • Bulk traffic


This no-fuss service has one goal: to provide CTR traffic from real users. It is built around CTR and elaborates on it in many ways. Its first principle is to provide real user clicks only, so if your approach is to get traffic from clickers, that’s the tool for you. They rely on a crowdsourcing model, recruiting clickers in different countries. In qualitative terms, CTR bot traffic and clicker traffic are interchangeable and don’t have any particular differences. In terms of pricing, clickers’ traffic will cost quite a lot compared to more affordable Google CTR bot traffic.

The company offers a simple process of starting and proceeding with clicks ordering, and the site layout is straightforward and easy to use. A free trial option is offered right on the spot, so you can test their ability to do what they promise before you pay.

In addition to CTR traffic, you can purchase organic traffic and get some free bot traffic, but these services do not intersect with their CTR traffic delivery.


  • CTR traffic from real people (clickers)
  • Geo-targeted and hyperlocal traffic available
  • Targeting multiple keywords
  • A good base of SEO knowledge is available
  • Diversified plans
  • One-time purchase without a subscription is available

Pros of SerpClix

  • Traffic from real clickers for those who need this specific type of delivery
  • Unlimited orders that can be created inside a plan to match your needs
  • Traffic delivered in many languages and with precise geo-targeting
  • Multiple keywords to target in a single plan
  • There is a free traffic bot if you need some general traffic

Cons of SerpClix

  • Plans are calculated in credits, and the number of credits does not correspond to the number of clicks as such.
  • Only a couple of traffic types are offered

Pricing: plans are compiled in credits that do not exactly correspond to the number of CTR clicks. So check in advance. The smallest Starter plan costs $197 per month and includes 6,000 credits, then there are Bronze (12,000 credits = $297), Silver (25,000 credits = $497), Gold (55,000 credits = $997), and Platinum (150,000 credits = $2,497) plans. Plus, you can just purchase a one-off package with the desired number of credits, and the price will be calculated accordingly.

Types of traffic

  • CTR
  • Organic


SearchSEO plays its ace right from the start and dabs its services as ‘your ranking on steroids’. The company caters to business owners and anyone who needs to improve their website ranking and specializes in organic CTR traffic delivery. The traffic they provide is automated, i.e. created by bots, but the team promises that they use new proxies and browsers for every visit. So the clicks and activities on the page look as natural and organic as possible.

We bring this company to your attention if you need geo-targeted traffic above all, as they pride themselves in this aspect of their services. 150+ locations are available to choose from, so if you need the US organic traffic only, or French traffic to boost CTR, you can get it. If you need the clicks for Google My Business, SearchSEO can do it as well. Pair it with geo-targeting and you get a great tool for boosting CTR for your business page locally.

To simplify your task and to help you in your SEO tasks, the company offers a number of useful settings and features that help you customize and monitor your campaign closely.


  • Automated bot CTR traffic
  • Traffic for GMB available
  • A sufficient database of learning resources
  • 3-days trial available
  • Traffic from 150+ locations is delivered on request

Pros of SearchSEO

  • Clear and understandable billing policy
  • High diversification of geo-targeting (150+ locations)
  • Convenient dashboard for monitoring progress
  • Session time is adjustable
  • Custom browsers and unique IPs

Cons of SearchSEO

  • One type of traffic is provided
  • Plans are rather small in terms of clicks

Pricing: there are standard billing plans and advanced plans. Standard plans include packages from Mini to Ultimate, and advanced plans include packages from Freelancer to Corporate. They all differ in content and pricing.

E.g. Mini includes 25 clicks a day and costs $29/month, while Ultimate includes 150 clicks a day and costs $129/month.

Other options like Medium (50 clicks a day/$49 per month) and Large (100 clicks a day/$89 per month) fall between these brackets.

The same relates to advanced plans: Freelancer includes 200 searches per day and costs $169/month, while the largest Corporate plan features 1,000 searches per day and costs $589/month.

In-between plans are Start up (300 searches a day/$239 per month) and Agency (500 searches a day/$339 per month).

Types of traffic

  • CTR traffic
  • organic traffic

SEO Rank Hunter

This company presents its key service upfront and its landing page invites you to rank your site higher with real CTR/SEO user traffic, thus taking some obligations upon it. To show how serious it is about its promises, the company offers a forever-free plan of at least 300 clicks per month. That’s why we include them in our top list since this small amount is nevertheless OK for keeping your page afloat for a while. This generosity wins our hearts, and when evaluated together with necessary campaign settings and helpful customer support, the total impression from this tool is very positive.

They deliver CTR traffic in customized plans, plus traffic for GMB, and for ‘get directions’. Their service works for YouTube videos and Etsy listings, which is a good piece of news for small entrepreneurs. To avoid messing with your ads strategy, AdBlocker is used to avoid hitting ads on the page. Geo-targeting, segmentation of traffic by devices or time zones, and other useful features are all included. All in all, their offer of a free plan can compel anyone to try, so don’t miss this chance.


  • Full compatibility with search engines
  • Clicks and views for business listings and videos
  • Extensive set of settings for campaign planning
  • Geolocation for your specific search order
  • Ability to exclude ads from the campaign
  • Good support

Pros of SEO Rank Hunter

  • Top-quality ad-safe traffic for click-through rate manipulation
  • Lots of parameters to configure campaigns
  • Diversified plans
  • A free traffic plan available to everyone
  • Traffic for videos, Etsy, GMB, Bing Places for Business

Cons of SEO Rank Hunter

  • No refund is available, because there is a free plan for everyone
  • Pricing is in euros, so calculate the prices in dollars, if you need it
  • Few types of traffic are offered

Pricing: plans are adjustable. You select the required combination of searches, keywords, and features and see the price. Billing is in euros.

The minimal plan is free, it offers 300 searches and 2 page views a month plus some other perks.

Paid plans begin with 1,500 searches per month for EUR 59/mo.

Then they go up incrementally to the ultimate plan for EUR 9,999 that covers 1,200,000 searches a month and provides other CTR fine-tuning options.

In-between offers can match the needs of individuals and small to middle business owners.

Types of traffic

  • CTR
  • Organic

CTR Boss

This company does not mince its words when describing its specialized services. They claim to provide only the best and the safest CTR traffic that is completely human-like. As proof, they explain that their bots type words into Google search one letter at a time (i.e. like humans tend to do), that they leave totally random footprints, and that there are some proprietary features that are a secret working for the benefit of customers. Judging by the feedback, all this put together actually works nicely.

To magnify the impact their service makes, they allow you to target as many keywords as you want in your campaign and put this option right on their front page (so you do not miss it). Moreover, they encourage you to diversify keywords, and that’s what is interesting in their offer. They seem to have explored this topic pretty well, so don’t miss out on their blog.

They don’t offer a free plan, and you’ll have to enquire about the testing opportunities. Yet overall, their strategy and specific perks make them worth a try.


  • Human-like CTR traffic that types Google inquiry one letter at a time
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Geo-targeting
  • Learning base
  • Good support
  • Robust number of the campaign adjustment tool

Pros of CTR Boss

  • Unlimited campaigns and keywords included in every plan
  • Human-like traffic
  • City-level traffic targeting
  • Bonuses assigned with every plan (except the minimal one)

Cons of CTR Boss

  • No free trial offered explicitly
  • Unclear what their refund policy is, so enquire in advance
  • Few types of traffic available


All their plans have the same set of features and perks, including unlimited campaigns and keywords, geo-targeting, bounce rate regulation, and more. The only difference is in credits that you can exchange for clicks and views.

The smallest plan is $29.95 per month for 1,500 credits. Then there are plans for 3,500 credits per month ($59.95), 7,000 credits ($119.95), 15,000 ($239.95), 23,000 ($359.95), 30,000 credits ($479.95), and 60,000 credits ($959.95). So you can find an option for a business of any size.

Types of traffic

  • CTR traffic
  • Organic traffic


Last but not least put on our list is this CTR manipulation tool that has something special to say. But let’s proceed in due order. The company delivers top class SERP traffic, as they name it. By SERP traffic they mean traffic that leads to clicks/views and a measurable boost in CTR, so don’t get confused.

To enhance your experience, they offer 16 unique features, but let’s be honest, it is a robust set of services many other companies offer, just under a fancy name. This is not to lessen their efficiency, it is to give you a clue what to expect. These unique features include geo-targeting, return, and bounce rate control, and so on, you get it.

In addition to this, they offer several different types of traffic to order, a free trial, a variety of delivery plans, and a helpdesk to help you set everything up properly.

What makes this CTR manipulation service special is the one-of-a-kind traffic it offers, namely, Naver traffic. It is traffic customized for Korean browsers, using the Korean language and generally operating on their wavelength, so to speak. If you need to promote your services or goods there and want to manipulate CTR for better local visibility, that’s the place to get this specific help. That’s why we include it on our list, as this service is not that widespread (yet).

All in all, the company looks interesting and capacious, and their main service – CTR traffic and CTR boost – works as promised, according to customers.


  • Top-class and safe CTR traffic
  • Lots of customization controls to fine-tune your campaign
  • Discounts on wholesale purchase of traffic
  • Efficient helpdesk
  • Learning base for SEO expertise
  • Very specialized traffic, like Naver traffic, available

Pros of TrafficBot

  • Availability of Naver traffic
  • Options to buy bulk traffic
  • Free traffic bot
  • Different pricing tiers
  • Free traffic plan available

Cons of TrafficBot

  • Rather complicated pricing policy
  • Cheaper plans do not include many useful options that pricier plans feature

Pricing: Pricing is rather complicated, so we’ll mention it in general terms and you’ll have a closer look at plans that appeal to you. There are three big segments: economy, professional, and expert website traffic. Each segment is divided into 6 plans, from Nano (free) to Platinum. In Economy traffic, prices vary from $9 to $699. In the Professional segment, prices vary from $19 to $1,399. In Expert traffic, prices go from $23 to $1,679. The biggest plans include a similar number of hits and visitors across all three segments; it is the additional services and options that make a difference.

Types of traffic

  • CTR traffic
  • Naver traffic
  • SEO traffic
  • Bulk traffic
  • Bot traffic


As you see, CTR manipulation tools abound and offer various accompanying services for your business or page. Let’s recap why you need them: the initial strategic boost in clicks moves the page higher in SERP and prompts users that it is useful. They click on it, it gains even more clicks, and the positive cycle repeats itself. Your page gets on its steady way to popularity and top positions in Google search results.

Yes, that’s why all these companies and tools are so popular, and you just have to find the one that meets your specific needs. We listed some of the best tools present on the market now, and each of them has its advantages. Read through and give a try to those that look promising to you.

Or even better: start with Apex Traffic, the best CTR bot now available, and have all your basic and advanced CTR-boosting goals covered professionally and affordably!

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