Guide to GEO Targeted Traffic with Examples

Harper Evergreen

January 8, 2024

Table of contents

  • Intro
  • What is GEO Targeted Traffic?
  • Apex Traffic
  • Spark Traffic
  • Babylon Traffic
  • TrafficBot
  • SERP Empire
  • Summary


In the sea of traffic that can make or break your website, GEO targeted traffic is definitely a leverage to use. Whether you want to advertise specifically to people who live close to your shop or a gas station or plan to appeal to winter sports lovers, GEO traffic is a must for you. It boosts sales, reduces ad spending while being really efficient, and in general, pumps up your business credibility. Let’s explore what it is, how it works, and where and how to get it, in the first place.

What is GEO Targeted Traffic?

GEO in its name stands for geography or geographic. GEO targeted traffic is traffic tied to a particular geographic location. This traffic can go from your site to the audience located in a defined geographical area where you provide your services. Or, in other cases, traffic for your website can be generated in a specific location, like people from a certain country or a city flock to your website for a purchase or a service.

GEO targeted traffic is particularly relevant and powerful because it appeals to the right people and preferably at the right time. When created by real users, it boosts your sales or count of visits, if that’s your monetization model.

When you buy GEO targeted traffic to give an initial push to a new site page, geographical targeting prompts search engines that your offer is real and useful for people in a specific location. So next time it may show up in the search list of other users in this very location by virtue of the inner workings of Google or Bing.

It’s all tightly knit in the SEO algorithms: once you show the search engines that your site is useful to a particular audience, they will readily push it forward to make it even more visible to more users. So learn to use different types of GEO traffic as a powerful leverage.

Types of GEO Targeted Traffic

The geography of traffic can be parsed into very minute units if that’s necessary for your business purposes. This traffic can be tailored to match:

specific parts of the world, like Europe or the USA

countries, country regions or states, or other administrative units, cities, or even neighborhoods, like zip codes or postal codes targeting.

But that’s not all.

Some SEO experts mention audience targeting as a part of GEO targeting, but demographic data differs from geographic data. Combining them is OK, but they are different ways of targeting.

Weather, however, can also relate to GEO targeting and help you micro-target your campaigns with maximum benefit for the bottom line. Say, you know that a specific area is going to experience a heatwave. It’s high time to geo-target that area if you sell sunscreen, some cooling beverages, or desk/floor fans. Such a short-lived but highly focused campaign can work wonders because you offer your products to people who need it right now, and this need is defined by their geographical location. Seasonal clothes, sports gear, outdoor/indoor stuff that relates to the time of the year or weather – many sorts of businesses win when GEO-targeted traffic is involved.

How To Combine Various Traffic Targeting Methods For Your Benefit

A separate mention should be given to a combination of targeting methods.

You usually target customers not only according to their geography but also according to their age, tastes, preferred devices, ways of finding your site, etc. The cross-targeting done right is the dream of any business owner as it means that all campaigns are 100% hits. So when you plan a GEO-targeting campaign, don’t forget to categorize the traffic according to platforms or sources it comes from.

Namely, if your page is related to social media pages or targets a younger audience that prefers TikTok, your GEO targeted traffic should come from (or to) that platform as well. Older audiences that prefer Facebook should be targeted using Facebook traffic, accordingly.

If you need organic traffic that engages customers immediately in the search results, you need to do it in Google or Bing or use Google Ads as an additional tool.

Mobile or desktop traffic also differs in that it comes from different categories of users and is suitable for different business purposes.

So while dealing with GEO-targeting, always account for these considerations. Geographic targeting alone won’t work as you plan if you aim at the wrong audience and wrong platforms. Whether you try to get traffic naturally or buy GEO targeted traffic, selecting the right source or platform is an obligatory step.

How Does Geo-Targeting Work?

The principle is rather simple: to learn about users’ location, technical means are used. They are commonly built into devices we use and don’t involve any illegal or doubtful actions.

IPs are the first markers of actual location. That’s why VPNs are sometimes used to circumvent geo-blocking.

GPS data goes next, Wi-Fi signal info follows in tow, and location data provided by users, like country name or postal code, closes the list. Put together, this information can provide accurate information on where the user is and whether they should be (or shouldn’t be) targeted for your campaign or allowed to access the website.

Geo-fencing works similarly but there’s a catch. Geo-fencing usually outlines a small area, and once a user enters it physically, he or she is served specific ads or offers. Once the user leaves this area, targeting becomes inactive. GEO-targeting covers significantly larger areas and runs permanently.

When it’s important to buy GEO Targeted Traffic

If you provide services online or ship your products globally, you don’t need to bother about the location of your users. They can come from all around the world.

But if your main operations take place locally, or you want to promote your services in a specific area, GEO targeted traffic should be your primary concern.

The point is, for many smaller businesses that are tied to their particular physical location, local approval and visits from people who live nearby are a stamp of quality. If you target people who live close to your offline venue, they are more likely to pay a visit than someone living in a different state or zip code area. So your advertising budget brings the highest ROI possible.

Search engines take this factor into consideration, too. So if your page has a steady stream of local traffic, the next time someone googles ‘so-and-so services near me’ your page will pop up on the top of their search results. That’s how it works, and that's why it’s crucial to get the best GEO targeted traffic for your page.

Top 5 Platforms to Buy GEO Targeted Traffic

Now we’ll offer you the shortlist of platforms that deliver what they promise in terms of geo-targeting. If you need to purchase a package of dedicated locally bound traffic, they are the ones to choose first, so let’s explore what’s so special about them.

Apex Traffic

This platform is the real champion in the market of top-quality bot traffic, and geo-targeted traffic is one of their specialties.

They can provide traffic segmented by countries, regions, cities, and even smaller local areas (zip codes). If you need more particular geo-targeting, they can add language targeting to location targeting. So your traffic will come from a specific location plus from users that prefer a particular language, which is a double hit.

The company explains that they have devised proprietary mechanisms for setting up and running traffic campaigns, so their GEO targeted traffic is safe and efficient. It is recorded in Search Console and Google Analytics, it is accepted by search engines, and it boosts your business credibility just like visits from actual users do.

For any campaign, you can choose keywords to target, run any number of projects, and add other specifications for GEO-targeted traffic that you order.

In addition to geo-targeting, Apex Traffic does a tremendous job of providing social traffic and other specialized traffic, so when you need to purchase geo-targeted traffic that comes from specific social platforms or from other precise locations, it is totally possible.

Apex Traffic can provide:

  • Social traffic from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram
  • Search engine traffic from Google, Bing, plus Google Ads
  • CTR traffic coming from unique residential IP addresses
  • Mobile/desktop traffic
  • Bulk traffic

Combine these sources of traffic with GEO-targeting and you will harness a truly omnipotent tool for promoting your page or business locally.

Other advantages of Apex Traffic:

Easy to use

Lots of learning material on traffic and how to choose it

Helpful support

Various categories of traffic are on offer

Cons of Apex Traffic:

  • The only potential con is the absence of a clear pricing scale on the website, so services and packages need to be discussed individually.


  • available on-demand.

Spark Traffic

This company proudly says that it’s been in business since 2008, yet that’s not the most important piece of information about them. The platform offers a wide variety of traffic to choose from, geo-targeted traffic included. The span is really impressive, from SEO, direct, and social media traffic to adult traffic and direct traffic.

GEO-targeted traffic is also on the list, with 213 countries as sources of traffic available. The company promises to deliver traffic from other destinations, but the cost would be higher than for listed countries.

The parsing of GEO targeted traffic is rather limited, narrowing down to countries and cities. You can order several locations, but they should be of the same type. Namely, you can order targeting several countries or several cities, but ordering targeting a country and a city is impossible. Yet with the wide selection of countries to choose from, this company should be known to you.

In addition to geo-targeting options, the diversity of other categories of traffic makes planning traffic campaigns a breeze. Pair the proper source of traffic with the location where it should come from, and you have a stream of visits that are credible and accepted by major search engines.

  • Social traffic (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok)
  • Google AdSense traffic
  • Desktop/mobile traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Organic traffic from search engines
  • SEO Traffic
  • Bulk traffic
  • Adult traffic (where geo-targeting is a must for avoiding legal problems while providing this kind of service)

Other advantages of Spark Traffic:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Good support team
  • A variety of campaign customization features
  • Free trial available

Cons of Spark Traffic:

  • Limited opportunity to parse geographical targeting (no zip-code level targeting, for example).


  • plans are flexible in size and pricing. The smallest starts at $6 and the most expensive is $700. For the extremely large order contact them to know the price.

Babylon Traffic

This company makes splashes on the web and attracts the steady interest of SEO gurus and marketers, that’s why we feel compelled to include it. The company does not try to play humble and presents itself rather proudly, but customers’ reviews tell us that there is a real foundation for such professional confidence. Babylon Traffic offers quite an array of SEO services, including delivery of various kinds of traffic, but we are exploring their GEO targeted traffic option.

As the website explains, their geo-targeting tool was built by marketers for marketers, so it takes into consideration the essential aspects of location-bound campaigns. This service allows ordering traffic from whole countries or from specific regions. The company outreach is global, so they promise to create an influx of traffic from any corner of the world.

In addition to providing services, the company promises that your page will go higher in Alexa ranking for a specific region. Yet you’ll have to try their services to know if this claim is actually true.

In addition to geo-targeted traffic, Babylon Traffic generates other types of traffic:

  • Social traffic (Facebook, Instagram, X (ex-Twitter))
  • Free general-purpose traffic
  • Adult Traffic

The company cross-refers its users to a fellow traffic-supplying company for keywords-targeted and organic traffic, though. It’s a laudable move since they direct you to the place where you can obtain the necessary type of traffic without compromising the quality. And if they are honest in this question, we can be sure that they deliver on what they promise on other matters.

Other advantages of Babylon Traffic:

  • Fast and helpful support
  • Discreet
  • Lots of fine-tuning features
  • Free trial

Cons of Babylon Traffic:

  • Pricing is calculated not per visit or click, but per action, so clarify in advance what is meant
  • Pricing is listed in euros


  • classic plans start at EUR 39 and go up to EUR 199 per month. Premium plans start at EUR 349 and end at EUR 1,499 per month.


This company is a trusted workhorse in the world of bot traffic of various kinds, GEO-targeted traffic included. It offers all the typical features necessary for setting up and running a traffic campaign, like traffic volume adjustment, bounce and return rates, different sources of traffic, etc. It does what many other companies do and provides excellent services for the money you pay. Probably that’s already good enough for you to have them on your radar.

But we put them on this list specifically because of the GEO targeted traffic they can bring you: they deal with South Korean traffic, both geographically and linguistically. The company calls it Naver traffic, after the name of a popular Korean traffic. So you can order visits from South Korea as a whole or from specific locations, and decide if the traffic will come from search engines or from social networks.

This service is important enough in terms of geo-targeting for you to keep the company bookmarked. However, in addition to this specific region, TrafficBot can deliver traffic from across the world, parsing it by larger and smaller geographical units, up to cities and towns.

What other options are possible in addition to GEO-targeting?

  • Delivery of social traffic (Facebook, Instagram, X (former Twitter))
  • Delivery of organic traffic – Google, Naver, Bing
  • Direct traffic
  • Desktop/mobile traffic

So when you plan your GEO targeted traffic campaign, take into account this classification of traffic as well for higher ROI of your efforts and money.

Other advantages of TrafficBot:

  • A free plan for beginners
  • Different levels of pricing
  • South Korean traffic and SEO services
  • Bulk traffic for sale

Cons of TrafficBot:

  • Cheaper plans offer a very limited number of options, limits on geo-targeting features included


  • the pricing span is big and in line with its plan tiers. The cheapest tier is from $9 to $699, the middle tier is from $19 to $1,399, and the most expensive one is from $23 to $1,679.

SERP Empire

This platform is one more reliable assistant in your quest for good GEO targeted traffic. the company does not disperse its efforts on the many categories of traffic and instead focuses on a few types that are essential for making websites thrive. SERP Empire specializes in CTR traffic, locally targeted traffic, and organic traffic. It may offer not much in terms of social traffic but instead covers a wide range of popular search engines, so if you need organic or ad traffic coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even Baidu, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to geo-targeting, this company offers you to order country targeting, city targeting, or both. Moreover, when you need to customize your campaign to get organic traffic coming from a specific location, SERP Empire is regularly recommended by customers as the tool that does it best. So what can you order from them?

  • Targeted traffic on Google My Business
  • GEO-targeted organic traffic
  • Traffic coming specifically from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Baidu
  • GEO targeted traffic for CTR boost

Other advantages of SERP Empire:

  • They provide extensive support and learning base
  • provide keywords targeted traffic
  • easily trackable in analytical tools
  • unlimited capacity campaigns

Cons of SERP Empire:

  • They promise their services are affordable but the pricing is not provided on the site for fast comparison.
  • The site is a bit tricky to explore.
  • Pricing: you need to contact them and ask for quotes.

Examples of GEO Targeted traffic

What does this traffic look like in real life? Let’s consider an example. You open up a small burger place, a coffee shop, or a veterinary clinic in a particular place (or promote their newly built website). Let’s say it’s located in Oakland, California. You won’t target everyone in the USA as your customers, your task is to attract those from Oakland (and possibly from adjacent cities).

But you start with ordering traffic geographically coming from Oakland, California. You set up two-level targeting: a state and a city. The influx of this traffic to your page will indicate to search engines that locals actively look it up and so it will be more likely to be shown to a larger number of people searching for a burger in Oakland. Plus the reputation of the site goes up, as it is supported by local traffic.

Vet clinics are not that frequent across any city, so people might flock to them from around the whole of Oakland. However, you are definitely not the only one setting up a burger place in Oakland. You’ve set it up in a specific neighborhood, and for some reason, say, competition is close to zero there. Preferably, get the traffic that can target this very neighborhood or the area. It will be three-level targeting: California – Oakland – North Oakland. When done this way, traffic coming from these residential IPs will indicate that people do take an interest in your place and that they live in a neighborhood close to your place. The rest is the matter of algorithms in action.

Once you set the GEO targeted traffic going, you can add CTR traffic (possibly also geo-targeted) and your online presence and visibility for locals, that is, real visitors and customers who can come and spend money there, is set to grow steadily.

Meet Apex Traffic — Cheap GEO Targeted Bot Traffic Generator for the Website

As you see, the choice of companies to work with is wide, and we simply scratched the surface of the market with this list. All platforms have something interesting to offer in terms of geo-targeting, but many of them have their limitations. So how to choose one?

You can do a trial-and-error test until you arrive at the right traffic generator. Or else: start with Apex Traffic. The company has a robust history of providing the required GEO targeted traffic, and it can also combine it with other traffic categories. As a result, you get geo-targeted social traffic, organic traffic, and CTR traffic – all under one roof. Add helpful support, a good educational base, and affordable prices – and you get why we recommend it for your SEO campaigns. Give it a try and most probably you’ll find a long-term traffic-generating partner in them.


As you see, the matter of GEO targeted traffic is not a complicated one, but rather important for your local business and for the health of its online page. Properly done geo-targeting attracts real customers right to the place where you need them to be. It also adds credibility and high value to the website, which in turn boosts ranking and positions in search results. Decide what type of geo-targeting you need, don’t forget to mix it with other categories of traffic, partner with the right company, and get a load of visits and clicks that will send your page into the sky – with the advantage for your business local reputation and its bottom line!

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