Understanding Traffic Bots: An Overview - Apex Traffic

Harper Evergreen

November 27, 2023

Table of contents

  • What is a Traffic Bot?
  • What does bot traffic mean?
  • Types of traffic bots
  • Bad bots
  • How traffic bots work
  • Impact of Traffic Bots on Websites
  • FAQ
  • Summary
Understanding Traffic Bots: An Overview - Apex Traffic

Nowadays, traffic bots are the favorite topic of heated debates among marketers, and SEO gurus regularly cross swords over their particularities and proper ways to employ bots for the benefit of websites. To introduce you to this hot topic and to help you decide what bots are suitable for your goals and why, we offer you this brief guide on how to choose a traffic bot to make the most of its functionality.

What is a Traffic Bot?

A bot as such is a simple program (sometimes called a script) that performs repetitive online tasks (that definitely benefit from automation). Chatbots that help you make an optimal purchase at some online shop are a perfect example of it. They dutifully show you variants of answers or wait for your detailed input and sort through the shop inventory to create a unique shopping offer for you. Now imagine how many customers can attend a shop in a day and you get how many times this simple routine of questions and answers (or sorting through products) needs to be repeated. Just a perfect job for a bot.

A traffic bot is a bot that generates non-human traffic for a given web page. There are many ways to create such traffic and the purposes of its creation may be different. From bots giving an initial visits boost to a newly created page to search engine bots and monitoring bots, they all create large volumes of traffic that work in various ways.

Different sources diverge in their estimates when citing the percentage of all bot traffic that runs through the Internet today: some make it the moderate 30% of all traffic, and some drive the number up to 70%. The true amounts lie probably somewhere in between.

No matter the numbers, the main advantage of a traffic bot is that due to automated processes, it can perform page visits or other activities in bulk, like a dozen thousand per day, and do it 24/7 if required. So, it is quite a useful tool for all SEO people and website or social media page owners out there.

That’s why next we will look closer at types of traffic bots and what they do in detail.

What does bot traffic mean?

To get it all straight and clear, let’s define it right here. Bot traffic is traffic that comes from bots, i.e. it is non-human visits to a page or activities on a page that get recorded in the Google Analytics or Search Console and make its stats and reputation grow high.

Bot traffic = traffic coming from bots.

Then by this simple logic, a traffic bot is a bot (program) that creates this non-human traffic.

Traffic bot = an instrument for creating automated non-human traffic.

Types of traffic bots

Good bots

Good is a rather relative term here, but we imply bots that are beneficial for your sites and for customers and web users. Such tools help users to get necessary information or shopping offers on websites, improve the ranking of their pages, or get loads of traffic to get the site going. Other bots monitor the site to keep track of its functioning and help find glitches and fix them right away.

Search engine bots

Search engines are actually very large and elaborate bots that crawl millions of websites and bring you the most relevant ones. Without them, the Internet would be much more inconvenient to use.

CTR bots

These bots are very useful for sites both old and new as they help move the page up in ranking. CTR (click-through rate) is accounted for by search engine algorithms, so a traffic bot producing CTR traffic should always be on your radar.

Marketing traffic bots

These bots create general-purpose traffic that helps the site stay active and have these metrics high for Google Analytics or Search Console. These metrics are ultimately accounted for when the page rating is calculated. Besides, an initial traffic boost leads to a gradual growth of both human and useful bot traffic in the future, so it’s a path to visibility for customers.


These bots are everywhere, from shops to service pages to whatnot. They answer questions, suggest what to buy, or provide guides for actions. With these bots, a site gets lots of active traffic, and visits to a page last comparatively long.

Web scraping bots

These bots scrap the web for specific kinds of data or sieve through bulks of data extracting required elements. They are useful in many areas and they definitely boost traffic on sites that contain necessary information.

Aggregator bots

These are bots that collect and organize certain types of data, like news, useful notifications, or similar content, and deliver it to users as an aggregate position. For example, news digest emails are compiled by bots, and bots are great at this kind of task.

Monitoring bots

These bots look after the site’s performance, monitor uptime, responsiveness, and other important metrics, and periodically test the waters, so to speak. If anything happens, they will immediately alert you automatically.

Bad bots

They are not bad in absolute terms, but they are not too useful to sites that they visit and they benefit mostly those who use these bots for their own purposes. That’s not the kind of traffic every site owner wants, in the first place.

Email scraping bots

These bots visit thousands of sites and scrape them for emails or other contact information. Then this data can be used for, say, spamming or annoying marketing. So while these bots create a boost in traffic, it’s not the type of traffic bot we would totally love.

Spamming bots

These tools create automated spamming campaigns, and although a chain of simple comments on a site page definitely boosts traffic, the job of removing the obviously spammy comments negates the possible advantage.

Scraper bots

These bots try to scrape a web page for any meaningful piece of information (like images or texts) that can be reused by someone else without permission. It’s like a piracy that got automated. It may sound amusing but actually it is annoying, as you create your quality content for your purposes, invest time and resources, and someone else may try to reap the benefit. So no, traffic created by these bots is also not the traffic you want.

Inventory bots

These bots crawl shopping sites and buy desirable goods automatically, for someone to resell them later. No, we don’t like these bots either, we wanted to buy those sneakers, too.

Brute-force bots (or credential stuffing bots)

These bots (and the next ones) are the ones that are really bad in all senses. These bots try to get behind the site’s security layers behaving like real users, and when they do it, they steal sensitive information or whatever valuable data they find. So, the protection of the page against theft is really important.

DDoS bots

This activity verges on illegal, that’s FIY. The network of DDoS bots (meaning distributed denial-of-service bots) floods a website with such an overwhelming amount of simultaneous requests that servers cannot process them. As a result, the website is down. ‘Traffic’ from such bots may sound like a joke to anyone in the know, but we describe them for you to be aware of this type of bots anyway (and to have anti-DDoS measures in place).

How traffic bots work

Now that we ran through the types of traffic bots, let’s see how they work. These programs generate HTTP requests to the target pages, and every request that was received and a response to which was provided counts as a visit.

Bots can visit several pages on a site, or just one page. They can spend a short or a long time browsing it; some bots can fill in the forms and some can click on target buttons or ads.

In general, bots easily generate large volumes of different traffic that can be diversified by source, country, or time of delivery. This service is cheap and efficient. And if you need unique visitors, a reliable traffic bot can use unique and real IPs to imitate such users.

Impact of Traffic Bots on Websites

All good bots as listed above bring significant volumes of useful traffic to your page and keep it alive and credible to the search engines.

These bot-generated visits are duly reflected in the Google Analytics stats and in the Search Console, so the overall metrics of the site get better. When integrated with other services and platforms, these metrics positively impact how your website is perceived and evaluated against other pages.

Steady loads of useful traffic show the search engines that the site is popular and reliable, so it will gain better positions in ranking organically.

This is why traffic bots are so popular, and this is why you need to pick a traffic bot that will really help you and provide quality traffic in the necessary amounts.


Is there a free bot for website views?

Many reputable traffic bot operators offer the minimum starting plan for free. For people who have just set up their pages or social media pages, these plans are an excellent solution, as the amount of traffic provided is enough for an initial boost. Yet if these people plan to grow their online presence or want high-quality CTR traffic, or some other specialized services, they need to get paid plans or packages with lots of traffic and other perks. So, yes, there are free bots for website views but their capacities are limited.

Is bot traffic bad for SEO?

Most traffic bots are a useful instrument in the toolkit of a SEO guru. When their help is used properly, bot traffic works wonders for your site's SEO and for its ranking and reputation. Just be sure to choose only reputable and reliable traffic providers.

What is an automated traffic bot?

It is the same as simply a traffic bot – a bot that creates required streams of traffic for a target page. All bots are automated, as once you set the parameters of traffic to create, further on they work on their own, without your or anyone else’s interference.

Meet Apex Traffic — Cheap Bot Traffic Generator for the Website

Now that you know what to look for, we introduce to you Apex Traffic, an established and reliable traffic bot generator that can meet the needs of all clients, from beginners to large-scale ones. At Apex Traffic, you can get all the help – and traffic – you need to launch your website successfully and lead it to the top of search result lists.

Free visits for beginners, various paid plans suitable for different SEO goals, and even the top quality CTR traffic – all essential traffic-generating options are gathered conveniently under one roof. If you have any questions, just contact our team and they’ll be ready to help. Or start your journey to your website’s success right away and choose the suitable plan directly on the website – it’s super user-friendly.

Anyway, whatever path you choose, we are always ready to provide top-class and safe traffic that will help your online project greatly.


As you see, choosing a traffic bot is not that complicated. You just need to know exactly how you plan to use it and what amounts of traffic you need, and it narrows down the search. If you just need good general-purpose traffic (or CTR traffic, for that matter) for your website and don’t want to search any longer, just use the help of Apex Traffic. The generated traffic will be safe, good for your website, recorded in your analytical tools, and working towards moving your site upwards in search lists. Basically, that’s all you can want from a good traffic generator, and here you have it right at your fingertips. So just use it!

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