Understanding Website Traffic Generators: A Comprehensive Guide

Harper Evergreen

March 10, 2024

Table of contents

  • Intro
  • What is a Website Traffic Generator?
  • Types of Website Traffic Generators
  • Good & Bad Traffic Generators
  • How Website Traffic Generators Work
  • Impact of Website Traffic Generators on Websites
  • FAQ
  • 5 Best Website Traffic Generators
  • Summary


It seems that now every other website invites you to buy traffic for your own page. Or you may sometimes get such lucrative offers right in your mailbox (although you don’t remember subscribing to them or even sharing your email with this company). The point is, that traffic generation is a serious matter nowadays, and procuring good-quality traffic from a secure provider can benefit your business a lot. Yet the stumbling blocks here are ‘good-quality’ and ‘secure.’

That’s why in this article, we will explore the ins and outs of website traffic generators, how they work, and what generators to choose for the best results for your online reputation – and revenues.

What is a Website Traffic Generator?

A website traffic generator is a piece of software that generates traffic automatically, without real users involved. Basically, it is a program that helps you get the desired amount of traffic in a fast and efficient way. Why get this kind of traffic? Because it helps your page gain momentum (in this or that way, search engines do look at the page activity and if the page is popular). Once it receives an initial push, it becomes more visible on the web and attracts more real users (and search engines conveniently start offering your page to more users as well). Looks reasonable so far.

Generated traffic can be of different types. Specialized traffic boosts particular metrics or nudges your page in a particular direction (like becoming more visible locally, or getting more attention from the social networks), and general traffic keeps your page bustling with activities.

So, depending on your needs, you order the amount of traffic to be generated, specify metrics like bounce rate or return rate, and see the visits count grow in a more or less natural pattern.

Types of Website Traffic Generators

This software can be roughly classified according to the types of traffic it generates, the principles of work, the purpose behind the traffic generation, and some other specifications. Yet you do need to know a few essential facts, and that will be enough to find your way around companies offering this kind of service.

You need traffic that comes in the form of visits, views, clicks, or page scrolling – activities usually performed by human users. In other words, you need to imitate eager users flocking to your page and exploring it in a regular ‘normal’ way. That’s all.

Data scraping, aggregation, or any other traffic bot services are not what you are looking for in a typical website promotion strategy. These activities are often tagged as ‘bad’, but they are not as bad as they are annoying to webpage owners (we’ll discuss it in detail further). So you basically pay for something you don’t need or don’t want. Keep that in mind.

A really good website traffic generator will offer a toolkit of settings and modes to define how and when exactly traffic will be delivered. If this toolkit is in place and the company offers the right kind of traffic, you’re at the right destination.

Good & Bad Traffic Generators

Now as promised, let’s take a closer look at available traffic generators and how to tell ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ apart. Take this classification with a pinch of salt, since it’s the application that ultimately defines whether traffic will be good or just a waste of your money.

‘Good traffic’ generators

Specialized traffic generators

They create niche or highly segmented types of traffic that helps boost pages for a particular audience or according to a particular metric. Geo-targeted, social, mobile - these are kinds of traffic that play an important role in your webpage moving to the top in search lists.

CTR traffic generators

This kind of traffic is sought-after because it impacts the page ranking in search results, its reputation with users, and with search engines. Although Google and the like do not say it directly, CTR (click-through rate) is accounted for when a page is ranked, so this type of traffic should always be a part of a package you buy.

Marketing traffic generators

This is the general-purpose traffic, so to speak. It imitates the streams of users searching and exploring your page, and this metric is seen in Google Analytics or Search Console. When a page is active and flooded by human-like users, it’s a signal for search engines and their algorithms that this page is useful and should be shown to more users looking for similar content. That’s how this simple marketing tool works, and it’s obviously beneficial for websites both new and long-standing.

Monitoring traffic generators

From time to time, it’s necessary to take the temperature of your page from the inside and see how processes are running. These monitoring tools check the basic site metrics like responsiveness, uptime, etc., by generating human-like traffic and recording the results. If something is off, they’ll notify you at once. So this type is not for producing traffic as such but for maintaining your site in good health.

‘Not so good traffic’ generators

It’s hardly possible to call them bad because the reasons for using such website traffic generators can vary. Yet usually, they annoy site owners by creating traffic they don’t need and sometimes by draining the advertising budget (if they generate ad clicks that don’t result in actual purchases).

Spamming traffic generators

The age of this brutal marketing approach is long gone but some people still believe that it works. So this traffic looks like spammy comments flooding the page, spammy email campaigns over-spilling in mailboxes, and so on. It hardly works and only drains the customer’s budget in vain. Don’t opt for this kind of traffic and order marketing or CTR traffic instead. The ROI for every dollar will be incomparably higher.

Inventory traffic bots/generators

Ecommerce owners definitely don’t like this kind of traffic and for a good reason. This traffic comes from the scripts that scrape the shopping sites for popular products, buy them automatically, and then people who launch these bots resell the haul. Customers are angry, site owners are angry, and everyone’s dissatisfied. That’s why this traffic is heavily frowned upon. We believe you don’t need this kind of traffic either.

Finally, ‘ugly or bad’ traffic generators

Here we will just mention it for you to know. These are DDoS traffic generators and they are really bad. True malware as it is. We are sure you know what DDoS means and how devastating the consequences for a site can be. So beware of this kind of traffic and have some preventative measures in place to protect your site from this kind of traffic.

That’s basically all about the classification of traffic generators.

How Website Traffic Generators Work

There is no secret in the functioning of traffic generators, and this transparency is what makes them a reliable tool accessible to anyone. Bots use real browsers to generate HTTP requests leading to a target page. These requests are registered as visits or views, depending on the specifications.

These website traffic generators are versatile, productive, and multifunctional: they can generate long and short visits, scroll through a page, open several pages of a website, fill out forms, or even perform clicks. Traffic can be tweaked to imitate different countries, audiences, sources, or types of users. Bots can do it all, and so it discreetly and in any required amount. Besides, bot traffic is cheap, for obvious reasons. That’s why traffic generators enjoy growing popularity.

Impact of Website Traffic Generators on Websites

Traffic is the blood and the vital energy of any website (if we use the trendy modern slang). Without traffic, you won’t get revenues and your website won’t get to the top in search results and in search engine rankings. So any traffic that positively reflects in analytical consoles and looks like human visits is good for your page. The site is active, filled with users, and in general it looks healthy and useful to search engines.

So first, a site that is bathing in good-quality traffic signals to search engines that it is useful, reliable, and has authority among users. This informal metric is nevertheless important as it helps your page gain higher positions in ranking.

Second, traffic metrics in analytical tools are integrated into the ultimate evaluation of site popularity. Good traffic metrics add to your site's reputation and make it look better and more valuable compared to other pages. And so, its positions in search results also gradually improve.

So all in all, a steady flow of traffic contributes to higher ranking and overall popularity of your page. It means that you need this website traffic, but it should come from reliable companies, so as not to raise a shadow of suspicion.


Is there a free bot for website views?

Yes, there are companies that offer free traffic plans suitable for newly minted pages. The volume of traffic is usually small but it helps to keep a page alive until it gains momentum. However, it is only a temporary fix, and to get a serious online boost, you need to order a full-fledged plan with significant amounts of traffic and additional services. Then you’ll get the desired result for your website.

Is bot traffic bad for SEO?

Traffic itself is neither good nor bad, it’s just a tool for achieving certain benchmarks and goals in web page promotion. So when delivered cleverly by professionals with experience in SEO, bot traffic can work wonders for your page visibility and reputation. Yet the keywords here are ‘cleverly’ and ‘professionals.’ So order traffic from companies you know you can trust.

What is automated traffic bot?

It is an automated tool for generating traffic for designated destinations (i.e. sites and pages). It is a bot – a piece of software that performs some functions, in this case, generates good-quality traffic in required amounts. You set initial parameters on how to distribute traffic and where to send it, and the bot does the rest.

5 Best Website Traffic Generators

Now let’s get down to business and see what traffic generators deliver on their promises and provide visits and views in required amounts and on a carefully designed schedule.

Apex Traffic

This company steadily wins first place in ratings because it neatly covers all basic (and some advanced) traffic types. So you can order a variety of traffic streams coming from different sources, or a starter mix of traffic to boost your new page a bit or ask for a specialized traffic type. Apex Traffic makes it all possible and provides essential warranties along the way.

All types of traffic are safe and detected by search engines as coming from human users, which is the primary requirement for useful traffic. Every generated visit or view is recorded by analytical tools of your choice (like Google Analytics, the latest GA4 included) and adds to the reputation and weight of your page. Finally, there are plenty of settings to fine-tune your traffic campaign, from keyword selection to project number, specific time of traffic delivery, and many more.

The best feature and advantage of Apex Traffic is the number of traffic types it can generate for your website. Traffic can be specialized or general-purpose, and Apex can create traffic of both varieties. Apex offers social, CTR, search engine traffic, direct traffic, geo-targeted traffic, and so on, while also generating regular general-purpose traffic.

Another big plus is an opportunity to fine-tune your campaigns, setting return and bounce rates, distributing traffic by day or night, parsing it by mobile/desktop mode, and so on.

Order one type or a mixture of them, plan your campaign in detail, and be sure that it will be safe, accurately delivered as specified, and won’t make you break the bank. Add a simple layout of the website, good support, and flexible plans in reasonable sizing and you will understand why Apex takes the first position in the list.

Spark Traffic

The company’s main page proudly states that it’s been in business since 2008, but that’s not the primary advantage of this traffic generator. The main thing to respect them for is the wide variety of traffic types you can get from them for your website and the large number of countries you can geo-target with their help (213 countries, as stated on the website). Otherwise, it’s a reliable company that offers a set of services similar to the ones offered by others. Yet the variety of available traffic definitely rules (adult traffic included, for example, the service provided not by every company out there).

Since we are talking about website traffic generation, it’s reasonable to expect that the company offers general-purpose traffic, specialized traffic, and a mixture of everything. Spark Traffic does exactly that. You can pick and choose what traffic to order, or just ask for a little bit of everything and see your website get a natural-looking influx of visits, views, page browsing, and whatnot, coming from different sources and at different times of day or night.

The company knows the importance of security and proper page indexation. That’s why their traffic is perfectly recognized and accepted by analytical tools and positively reflects in the weight of your page measured by popularity and user activity.

You can customize traffic delivery by many basic and some advanced parameters, get good support, and start with a free trial. All in all, a robust company that delivers on its promises in terms of generating good-quality website traffic.


TrafficBot fully deserves to be on your radar as a reliable website traffic generator, but there is one particular feature we want you to know about. If you are trying to expand to the Korean market and need specifically targeted SEO and native Korean traffic, TrafficBot is your go-to. The company discovered this niche and fills it well: they offer Naver traffic and related SEO services.

Now that we’ve turned your attention to this important point, we can look at other attributes that make this traffic generator hub worthy of your attention.

TrafficBot can generate a decent number of traffic types or offer you general-purpose bulk traffic that will keep your website thriving. Desktop/mobile, day/night, other important categorization modes – TrafficBot does it all and does it professionally.

Their traffic looks totally human-like, is detected and recorded by analytical tools, and can be delivered in segments and portions specifically defined by you. The campaign management toolkit is fine for the majority of campaign types, so with TrafficBot, you get everything required for running smooth traffic-boosting campaigns for your website.

Other advantages of this company include a free traffic plan for beginners (the amount is rather small but it will kick-start your page before you launch any targeted traffic campaign). Their other plans are diverse and are suitable for various needs. You can even buy bulk traffic for selling it as an affiliate (if you have such plans).


This company is excellent for you if you don’t need elaborately specialized or fancier traffic and instead need tons of reliable general-type traffic to keep your page buzzing. SERPEmpire offers three main types of traffic – CTR, organic, and locally targeted, and these types are more than enough to push your page forward and up to the top in search results.

Since we are discussing general website traffic, it’s reasonable to explore how the services of a company fare in this respect, and SERPEmpire does an excellent job in its area of services.

While not offering some specific traffic types, SERPEmpire delivers its traffic segment from a wide array of search engines diversified by location and particularities of functioning. Your website – and business - will definitely benefit from getting streams of natural-looking traffic coming not only from, say, Google, but also from Bing, Yahoo, or even Baidu.

This kind of general traffic is great in its natural appearance and positive impact on your site's reputation. Moreover, it’s fully trackable in the analytical tools of your choice.

Other strong sides of the company are options to fine-tune settings for campaigns, to order traffic from Google My Business, and to order CTR traffic in addition to general-purpose traffic.

All the basic features of a good company like customer support and options of money-back are in place, so you can safely place an order and be sure about your money and services.

Babylon Traffic

This company has gained quite a positive reputation as a traffic-generating hub, but it has one big plus that is counterbalanced by a particular drawback in its services. That’s why we place it at the end of the list, but otherwise, it is a reliable vendor of traffic for your website promoting purposes.

The big plus of this company is that they provide a free basic plan for general traffic, so if you need just a trickle of visits, you don’t even have to pay for it. If you need a more professional approach and a boost to a page, you’ll have to register and buy a plan.

The drawback we mentioned is the fact that Babylon Traffic does not deal in organic traffic and keywords-based traffic. So you’ll have to buy it elsewhere. However, if you need a mix of everything flowing steadily to your page, this company is totally OK.

Their traffic is perfectly human-like, trackable in analytical dashboards, and overall of good quality. Add a free trial, helpful support, and plenty of settings to adjust for your campaigns, and you get why this traffic generator is on the list. Besides, recommendations of users describe it as a trustworthy vendor, so you can collaborate with them confidently.

Use Cases for Website Traffic Generators

Well, the list can be basically endless, because every individual SEO strategy has its sub-goals and benchmarks to be achieved along the way. General-purpose traffic works well practically in every situation, and that’s its biggest advantage. However, let’s just run through a couple of situations to set you on the right track (or prompt you that it’s high time to get some traffic).

  • You are launching a new page and need to make it visible to real users quickly. It’s obvious. Get an initial influx of traffic, catch the ‘attention’ of search engines, improve metrics, and your page is on a steady path to success.
  • You’ve redesigned your webpage and need to give it a boost – and to indicate to search engines that there’s something important going on there (so the page will be offered to more users as highly relevant). Revamping, redesigning, adding new products or new categories – all these changes are bound to attract more customers. Yet initially, the page should get an ample traffic bump to show that it’s updated or is offering something highly useful. Then algorithms will automatically offer it as a primary destination to interested users in organic search results.
  • Your page is functioning steadily but you want to move it up in the search results – and do it in a natural-looking way. Yes, we all want to see our page on top, and a carefully designed promotional strategy includes adding more traffic to a page. Yet it should be done slowly and carefully.
  • Your page is stagnating and losing visitors and positions in ranking. Sometimes it happens, and as a part of the emergency toolkit, a traffic shot can work wonders. Just be sure to follow up with SEO optimization, adding new content, refreshing the page design, including some gamifying offers if you sell something, etc. A whole set of steps works much better than bringing more traffic alone.

Meet Apex Traffic — Cheap Website Traffic Generator

We’ve briefly discussed all the important points you need to know about traffic-generating tools and how to approach traffic ordering for the best result. And now the important part: if you don’t want to look far and wide for a really trustworthy company that can do it all and even more – choose Apex Traffic.

This website traffic generator offers services to small businesses and huge companies alike, so no matter the size and trickiness of your order, it will be fulfilled perfectly. Whether you need a boost for a revamped site or only start pushing your ecommerce to the top – Apex Traffic can help you in your efforts.

The advantages of the company are many – diversified plans with many additional perks, different types of good-quality traffic, simplicity of use, and lots of materials to explore to learn more about SEO and how to do it right. If you have questions, our support team is always ready to answer them. Yet it’s always better to experience one than to read happy reviews of others. Head to the ordering page and see for yourself all the advantages of getting traffic from Apex Traffic. In any case, we know that your project will benefit greatly from this collaboration.


It’s hard to summarize everything about traffic generation in a couple of sentences, but we’ll try. First, it’s the goal of getting traffic and the quality of traffic that matter. If it fits into your SEO strategy and your page will see a nice boost of visits metric, then this traffic is good for you. Second, a reliable website traffic generator company will always be able to guide you on your path and tell you what exactly you need and in what amounts. So you’ll get what you really need, not what you think you need.

So it all boils down to knowing how to use the traffic and having a reliable traffic provider by your side. Apex Traffic is the one to trust, with ample expertise in site promotion and optimization and traffic generation. If you decide to collaborate with us, you won’t waste money and will get top-quality traffic that will really help your site skyrocket. Don’t wait any longer, just let your website gain its deserved position among the most popular webpages in your field!

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