Best Whatsapp Message Senders for SMB & Enterprises

Harper Evergreen

June 17, 2024

Table of contents

  • WhatsApp Messages for Business: The Basics
  • What Are WhatsApp Message Bulk Senders?
  • What to Look for in a WhatsApp Message Sender
  • 10 Best WhatsApp Message Senders
  • How to Choose the Right WhatsApp Message Sender for Your Business
  • Include ApexTraffic in Marketing Software Matrix to Drive More Traffic
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Best WhatsApp message senders help marketers worldwide reach their clients cheaply — and with the most certainty. Indeed, the figures speak for themselves: WhatsApp boasts 2.9 billion users and open rates of 98%. On the other hand, 58% of marketing professionals agree that business messaging activity results in an increase in leads.

Getting your head around the bulk messaging software for WhatsApp may be a bit daunting. We tested the top performers on the market, so our readers can make an informed yet quick decision.

WhatsApp Messages for Business: The Basics

There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to WhatsApp messages for business, but many of the basics align with the general business messaging routine.

The platform allows to send these messages:

  • Text messages
  • Media messages
  • Contact messages
  • Location messages
  • Interactive messages (List, Reply button, and Product Messages.)
  • Template messages

WhatsApp charges per conversation, not per message. It’s a 24 hour thread between a customer and business. There are 4 main categories of conversations:

  • Marketing (businesses use them to launch new products, inform about seasonal offers, or send a cart abandonment reminder).
  • Utility (these conversations are designed to communicate technical info about an order or other customer activity, for example, to send an opt-in confirmation, a delivery update, or a payment reminder).
  • Authentication (these help businesses verify their clients authenticity using features like account verification, account recovery).
  • Service (self-explicably, this category is aimed to resolve any customer inquiries).

The service category is the only type of conversation that doesn't need a templated thread to be opened and can have a free form.

WhatsApp offers quite an extensive library of templates to start off marketing, utility and authentication conversations. See below some of the marketing templates and the entire list can be found here.

Now that we’ve peeped into the ABC of WhatsApp messages, let’s set out what WhatsApp bulk messaging software is about.

What Are WhatsApp Message Bulk Senders?

This is the type of WhatsApp marketing software that allows businesses to send out messages to 1000s of their clients at once without being banned from the platform or without adding those numbers to their profile.

These tools use an official WhatsApp API to be integrated with the Business platform which enables them bypassing the strict spam filters.

What to Look for in a WhatsApp Message Sender

Before we move on to enlisting the mission-critical features that differentiate a good WhatsApp broadcast software from a so-so one, let’s consider aspects that may affect your choice.

Factors that affect user’s choice

You may want to set your expectations per each of the below before you approach this task. Knowing your budget restrictions, the need for scalability in the near future, or the significance of customer support can be a big decision-making aspect.

  • Price (if your company is new to bulk message sending, you might want to start small and scale once you see the effectiveness of this tool and start getting ROI. To start with, understand the top budgets to try this tool and the expected ROAS for later stages).
  • Customer support (if you have a team of developers who can always help with integration, support is not as critical as when you are trying to DIY the service. Read genuine reviews on platforms like Capterra and G2 to see if customer support is seen as solid by existing customers).
  • Scalability (most products offer plan upgrades on good terms, but if you have a bigger company with hundreds of thousands of clients to communicate with, you might want to make sure the tool you chose allows for that XXL capacity).

Now let’s review the features that make for good WhatsApp bulk senders.

Key features to consider

All third-party WhatsApp bulk message senders will better be official Meta partners to start with, as this guarantees they use the official API and have high standards of compliance. On top of this fundamental requirement, these characteristics are also important:

  • Ease of use (UX is critical in a working environment, specifically in marketing, where turnover is high, the toolkit is extensive and one missing tick may result in a PR catastrophe. Most of the best WhatsApp senders will have a great intuitive interface, onboarding wizards, and simple campaign management).
  • Bulk messaging (while checking out the bulk messaging feature, make sure the max number of marketing conversations fits your current requirements)
  • Personalization (does the software allow for dynamic parameters to make messages more relatable to a client, like inserting your customer’s name, city, and company?)
  • Integration capabilities (can the tool be integrated with your CRM, analytics or email messaging software for a 360-degree client overview?)
  • Compliance with WhatsApp's terms of service (we have covered this in the intro paragraph and the best-case scenario your vendor will be a Meta partner, not only use an official API).
  • Analytics (knowing how many clients opened your message as well as being able to compare campaigns and segments against each other allows for ultimate optimization and ROI growth).
  • Templates (having access to premade templates is such a time-saver for a busy marketer if they can be filtered by category and industry - even better).

Now let’s deep-dive into the top 10 WhatsApp Marketing software solutions when it comes to messaging.

10 Best WhatsApp Message Senders

WhatsApp Business API


The world’s leading corporations may prefer to develop their MarTech solutions from scratch to both - keep their data safe on their private servers and leverage the unique features designed to cater to their specific business case. The other use case for utilizing the official WhatsApp Business API is to save costs on the margins of the mediator.

WhatsApp Business API allows sending messages to an unlimited number of users with pay-as-you-go pricing per conversation depending on the country of audience and category of conversations used.

As an official solution from the Meta, WhatsApp Business API is the safest to use in terms of any platform policy infringements and avoids any extra charges that are applied by the WhatsApp Message bulk senders. On the other hand, its integration may require some coding skills, and it can also be less robust in terms of automation and campaign management compared to the rest of the list.


  • Verified business green tick
  • Multi-user access
  • Business Profile
  • Chat automation
  • Chatbots
  • Unlimited message broadcasting
  • Broadcast reaches all users, irrespective of contacts saved
  • Product catalog
  • Team inbox
  • Robust integration capabilities

WhatsApp Business Pricing

There is no setup, monthly fees, or other recurring payments for the service, users only pay for what they consume in terms of broadcasting.

This is a WhatsApp Business API rate card for conversation-based pricing by the country in USD in the summer of 2024. Marketing conversations are almost twice as high as the other types of conversations. Naturally, markets with higher purchasing power will also have higher rates for bulk messaging. For example, Germany and the UK are among the most expensive geographies, charging 13 and 7 cents per marketing conversation respectively.



This cloud communications company based in San Francisco is one of the leaders on the market with over $4.15 billion in revenue in 2023. The customer ribbon boasts big names like HubSpot, AirBnB, IBM, and American Red Cross. This behemoth of communications tools offers a wide array of services to enterprises for making calls, sending text and voice messages, and emails.

The Twilio applications like Twilio Flex, Twilio Engage, and Twilio Segment allow users to take care of several key functions across security, customer support, and marketing realms, like authorization, product promotion, and notifications.


  • Transactional SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages
  • Trust Hub and APIs
  • Customer segmentation
  • Message scheduling
  • The Programmable Messaging API
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Real-time delivery
  • Multichannel
  • Phone number selection (A2P 10DLC, shortcodes, toll-free, alphanumeric)
  • 75 second traffic re-route cycle
  • 157B+ messages sent or received per year
  • Templated rich content
  • Enhanced verification with Trust Hub

Twilio Pricing

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing for WhatsApp bulk messaging starts at $0.0079 per message. You can find a WhatsApp Twilio calculator by the link. We ran a trial calculation for 1000 utility conversations and 5000 messages and it totalled $40. To understand your budgets, choose the country of residence of your clients, the category of conversations, and their respective numbers.



WATI is one of the leading WhatsApp end-to-end marketing software solutions trusted by over 8 thousand businesses in over 100 countries. The company’s clients include TikTok, JPMorgan Bank, WeLend, Swire Properties among others.

If you are looking for a no-code chatbot with robust flowbuilder capabilities for WhatsApp bulk messaging, this affordable solution is worth a try (there is a 7-day free trial available).

The company


  • 1000 free service conversations per month
  • Message broadcasts & scheduling
  • Shared team inbox
  • 1000-2000 chatbot sessions depending on package
  • Basic chatbots
  • Keywords actions
  • WhatsApp catalog
  • Global webhooks & API access
  • Integrations with Shopify & Woocommerce, Hubspot, Zapier, Zoho, and more
  • Chatbot builder
  • Contact management
  • Template submissions
  • Click to WhatsApp ads
  • Custom notifications

WATI Pricing

There are three pricing plans with Wati: Growth, Pro and Business, at $49, $99 and $299 per month respectively. Each of the plans allows up to 5 users with additional fees applicable for extra users. Annual rates offer up to 25% discount.

Send Pulse


SendPulse’s core product is email marketing software but the company has grown to offer SMS, and message products as well as web notification, chatbot, and live chat capabilities.

Send Pulse is an official Meta Partner, so setup and launch of the account is usually quite seamless and doesn't take long. On the other hand, to stay compliant with all privacy policy regulations, users will need to make sure all contacts consent to receiving business communication.

The platform features an intuitive interface, automation options, and integration capabilities, making it a versatile tool for effective customer engagement and marketing campaigns.


  • A drag-and-drop chatbot builder
  • Message templates
  • Multi-users support
  • Analytics
  • Open API integration
  • ChatGPT-powered
  • Bulk and triggered messages
  • Robust integration capabilities
  • Multi-device support

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse pricing offers a free plan, where you can set up 3 chatbots with a limited number of free messages. The Pro plan is priced by the number of subscribers. Additionally, extra rates apply in line with the regular WhatsApp Business Pricing per region and depending on the category of conversation, marketing being the most expensive one over utility, authentication, and services conversations. Check your rates here.



This WhatsApp marketing software works as a CRM for SMBs that run their business from a mobile. It has integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and other major platforms, so clients can use it to embrace a multi-channel mobile-first modus operandi.

The tool works with WhatApp Business mobile as well as the regular one. The service is used by a quarter of a million businesses, which guarantees a smooth user experience. On top of regular features like personalization and analytics, it also enables the creation of landing pages for clients. Automatic reminders and follow-ups simplify communication by allowing a bulk send of up to 50 clients at a time.


  • In-transit data encryption
  • Personalisation
  • Landing page creation
  • Use activity analytics
  • Automatic reminders and follow ups
  • Alerts for new leads
  • Free-forever tier

Pryvir Pricing

The free-forever tier offers pretty much every feature that a Pro plan does but with limited capacity: like lead distribution recipients, number of messages, files and team members that can manage your campaigns. Privyr Pro is $18.33 monthly and $220 if paid annually.



If you google “whatsapp message sender”, chances are this is the site that is going to come up on top of the organic search results. While there is no indication this is a Meta partner, there are disclaimers on the site not to use the system for spamming purposes, as number blocking is a possibility.

Why is this basic bulk sending solution on top of the organic search, outranking the multi-million software products, life WATI, SendPulse and Twilio? First, it has a free version that guarantees a steady flood of user interest. Second, it’s an Indian product and the demand side is strong in this 1.5 billion people country. Third, it must have been around for quite a bit, ranking for the keyword since its early days.


  • Messaging (no limits*)
  • Excel upload
  • Privacy/add-on features
  • Sending attachment
  • Name customization
  • 1-click all contacts download
  • Run your own WA chatbot
  • Batching/Time-gap
  • Sent/failed reports download
  • Chat/WhatsApp support

WASender Pricing

There is a basic free plan with limited capabilities available for those curious about how to send messages in bulk on WhatsApp.

The international Pro plan is just $19 a month.



Novochat is an omni-channel chat platform that enables bulk business messaging on major platforms, (inclusive WhatsApp), for ecommerce businesses in a seamless manner.

The tool boasts a 100+ templates library that can be searched by industry and use case. Industries selection includes ecommerce, insurance, retail, tourism, spas, restaurants, fitness, education, and banking.


  • Shared team inbox
  • WhatsApp automation
  • Multi-channel inbox
  • Chat button builder
  • Integration with major CRMs
  • Contact segmentation and tagging
  • File and emoji-rich content capabilities
  • Agent setting configuration

NovoChat Pricing

Novochat pricing starts at $25 per month for a Starter package, while the Pro Plan is $99 and the most robust Business offer is $249 per month. The Business plan includes 20000 contacts, 20 team members and up to 100K broadcast messages. It also includes a CRM integration, response-time analytics, SLA, priority support and guided automation setup.



Chatfuel is an official technical Meta partner that is powered by Fueli, an AI assistant powered by ChatGPT. Users can leverage this ever-self-improving piece of artificial intelligence software to book appointments, reply to comments, answer FAQs, and qualify leads.

This Meta-specialized bulk message sender can help businesses manage their WhatsApp marketing, as well as Facebook, Instagram and website chats.


  • Use the latest official version of WhatsApp Business API
  • Audience segmentation
  • Integration with CRM, CDP, site
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Infinite agents
  • Verified green tick business number
  • Personalization

ChatFuel Pricing

ChatFuel has 2 pricing plans: the Business Plans is $35 monthly and the Enterprise one is $300. The Business plan includes 1000 conversations per month with each extra conversation costing $0.04 for the services of Chatfuel plus whatever WhatsApp conversation is for that category and country.



DelightChat is an omnichannel marketing platform with robust Shopify integration capabilities. It consolidates customer communications across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email, and Live Chat into a unified dashboard. Key features include WhatsApp marketing for promotional broadcasts, automated cart recovery, order notifications, and ROI analytics. DelightChat is designed to streamline support operations and boost sales for D2C brands.


  • Deep Shopify integration
  • Automated replies
  • Self-service widgets
  • Team collaboration capabilities
  • Automated ticket actions
  • Contact us widget
  • Fast reply macros to answer FAQ with pre-made templates
  • WhatsApp marketing automation
  • Internal comments on conversations
  • Collision detection for task ownership

DelightChat Pricing

Delightchat pricing offers 3 plans: Startup at $49 per month, Scale at $99 and Growth at $299. WhatsApp conversation charges apply on top of these subscription fees based on the number and category of conversations broadcasted to specific countries.



Freshchat, a product by Freshworks, is a robust live chat and messaging software designed to enhance both - customer engagement and support. It integrates seamlessly with various platforms, including web chat, mobile apps, and social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Freshchat supports real-time customer interactions through AI-driven chatbots, automated responses, and rich media campaigns.


  • Unified messaging from all platforms (web, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc)
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Integration with major third-party CRMs and marketing tools
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Collaboration tools
  • User segmentation
  • Canned responses
  • Task management
  • User events and timeline
  • Intelli-assign
  • Team performance report


The FreshChat pricing starts at $19 for Growth plan, has a mid pricing at $49 per month and the enterprise is at $79. The pricing is per agent, which is different from the majority of pricing plans in the industry, that should be taken into account during the decision stage. The free plan is also available with limited capabilities for those curious to try the system before purchasing access.

How to Choose the Right WhatsApp Message Sender for Your Business

It’s good to first evaluate your specific business needs to better match them with the right tool. How many contacts do you have now? How many do you acquire monthly or plan to acquire soon? How many agents do you have in your team that will need access to the WhatsApp marketing software? Do you have access to a desktop or need to process messages on the fly, so you need a robust mobile app? What is your CRM of choice and your ecommerce platform that you need integration with? Do you have resources / ambition for scaling in the near future? What channels are your primary communication channels with your customers? Where do you sell - on Instagram, or web? Which ecommerce solution is critical for your integration purposes? How much budgets can you afford for utility messaging, marketing and support? Is SLA of importance for your ecommerce and impacts your conversion and customer satisfaction levels?

Once you do an inventory of what’s critical for your business now, you will have a better understanding of which solutions fit your bill and which lack capabilities or are too expensive.

Naturally, bigger companies need to estimate per conversation charges based on their needs and current per country volumes. A direct integration with WhatsApp Business API might be the best solution for them due to the extra charges per conversation by third party vendors on top of WhatsApp charges.

Trying out a few options before making a final decision may be the way to go if you have a few weeks for decision-making. Task your sales and marketing team with subscribing to the best WhatsApp message senders and checking on their feedback after the trial period.

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