7 Best Citation Builders for Local SEO to Take You Global

Harper Evergreen

April 24, 2024

Table of contents

  • Best 7 Local Citation Builders for SEO That Will Drive Foot Traffic to Your Business
  • What Matters When Choosing Between Top Local Citation Builders: Price, Ownership, Sources.
  • Meet Apex Traffic — Affordable Organic Traffic Generator to Improve Local SERP Ranking
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Local citation builders & finders have always been a way to save money for SEO agencies and multi-location companies. Users could delegate this mundane and technical activity at a symbolical rate of a few dollars per local listing. Cloud technology, AI, and the evolution of Google ranking algorithms have transformed these digital presence platforms into powerhouse software for local SEO.

This comprehensive guide of the best 7 citation builders for local SEO provides a detailed overview of key features of the established veterans and ambitious disruptors.

What is a Citation?

A citation in local SEO is a mention of a company in an online directory, social media, or some niche catalog, which usually includes an address, company name, services, and images. Top citation opportunities include Google My Business profile, Yelp, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, City Search, etc.

Why Are Local Citations Important for SEO?

Quality local citations positively impact the ranking of a site in Google Local Pack as well as local search results. These brand mentions that include NAP data (Name, Address, Phone) serve as a signal of a legitimate established trust-worthy business to search engines.

The more SEO citation listings a business has, the higher it is likely to be placed in the local SERP. On the other hand, the DA (Domain Authority) of the catalog is also a significant contributing factor. Some business directories are just copy-cats of the bigger platforms with scraped data from across the web and no real user value or organic traffic.

Best 7 Local Citation Builders for SEO That Will Drive Foot Traffic to Your Business



BrightLocal is one of the leading SEO citation service providers that has over 1000 sites in their catalog of listing opportunities. The company’s service menu extends beyond local listing placement but also covers reputation management, local rankings tracking, and major local SEO audits.

The company’s unorthodox approach is to charge a one-time fee for creating each listing as opposed to the industry’s norm of paying annual recurring fees for being listed. Once the listing has been created, all ownership rights are transferred to a client.


  • Citation builder
  • Local rank tracker
  • GBP audit & Local search audit
  • Reputation management tool
  • Duplicate listings remover
  • NAP data and listings error fixing
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with bulk discounts
  • Niche and industry sites included
  • Data Aggregator submissions
  • Local SEO services for Tier-1 countries & more: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc


The pay-as-you-go local SEO citation builder pricing starts at $3.20 per site and is discounted to $2 per site on a bulk purchase.

Those looking to take advantage of the data aggregator offer can do so at an annual fee of $25 or $100 for all 5 of the biggest vendors (Data Axle, Foursquare, Neustar Localeze, Yellow Pages Network, and GPS Network).



YEXT is one of the veteran digital presence platforms that was founded in 2006 and is now worth over $720 million. Catering to multi-location brands, the company boasts Samsung, FedEx, and Haafgen-Dazs among its clients.

YEXT has a line of software solutions under its umbrella that streamline digital presence, help manage reputation, and synchronize business data for businesses across multiple online catalogs.


  • Location listing services
  • Reputation management functionality
  • AI-powered site search service
  • 200 integrations with shopping platforms for product updates
  • Scheduled updates
  • Duplicates suppression
  • Google Q&A for monitoring and replying
  • Robust content fields for fuller business information
  • Search ranking performance dashboard with 2-way data exchange


YEXT pricing suggests recurring billing, so it’s best fit for bigger companies with multiple locations and agencies.

The first two packages are rather basic and include only a few major select directories. The most popular pricing plan is $499 per annum and includes power listing to all platforms with enriched content data, like products, services, calendars, and team bios.



Whitespark is a Canadian local SEO services provider of a global scale with a variety of paid-for and free tools available for its customers.

The SEO citation builder is its principal offering to the extent, that it also offers a bespoke manual YEXT replacement service. The package covers a transfer of all listings from YEXT, the removal of duplicates, exhaustive cleanup, and a breakaway from annual recurring fees lockup. Other products include a local rank tracker, a reputation builder, a local SEO audit, and a review checker.

Features of the Local Citation Builder Product by Whitespark

  • Business listing services
  • YEXT replacement services
  • One-time payment
  • Full transfer of listing ownership after creation
  • NAP variation discovery & cleanup
  • Industry-specific & city-specific site listings
  • White-label-friendly reporting feature


The most popular Whitespark pricing plan for local citation building is a $399 one-time payment. For those looking to beef up their existing portfolio of local brand mentions a custom package is available from $20 per location.

Updates are $2 per listing per location in case you change something significant in your NAP data and don’t feel like DIYing it

Moz Local


Moz is one of the do-it-all SEO platforms in the league of SemRush and Ahrefs. Naturally, as a company as proficient in optimizing all things search engine optimization, Moz couldn’t have missed an opportunity to help marketers with local SEO too.

Moz Local solution offers a suite of software tools, that allow one to track and compare local rankings, and improve them by creating a consistent number of citations in the high authority sources.


  • Listing management and distribution
  • Reputation management
  • Deep Google & Facebook integration
  • Automated duplicate deletion
  • Activity feed & notification alerts
  • Data aggregator submissions (Foursquare)
  • Review monitoring


Moz Local pricing has three main plans: Lite, Preferred, and Elite, ranging from $14 to $33 per month.



This white-label SEO services firm has local SEO packages devoted to enhancing local search results, for example, HOTHX (a managed service), HOTHCitationCleanUp, HOTHStrars (a review management tool), and a local business listing package.

The business listing services start with a full audit and include citations across different catalogs and online platforms - from directories to niche sites, social media, and video-sharing sites.


  • Custom campaigns per city and niche
  • Full ownership of logins and profiles by a client
  • Clear reporting
  • Manually created listings
  • Full brand mention audit
  • Rich media citations (video and images)
  • Social media citations


HOTH Local pricing ranges from $149 to $549 depending on the number of sources which a business enlists their information with.

SEO Builder


This UK-based citation builder prides itself on going the extra mile for their clients and providing unique features on top of the industry standards. A quick look at their site confirms this statement, as they do offer a few tweaks to the traditional listing placement service. For example, they promise to tweak your company description if requested and run the newly created citations through the Google indexing procedure, ensuring you get the link juice flowing to feed your domain authority


  • Stong UK market expertise & extended database of local citation sources
  • Free citation audit included in all packages
  • Copy tweaking of the company description upon request
  • Manual company data submission
  • Indexing service for newly-built NAP data mentions


SEO Builder offers 4 packages, one of them being a recurring monthly service at $45 with 25 citations included each month.

The one-time payment packages range from $60 to 175 and include from 35 to 135 listings of company data.

Citation Builder Pro


This search engine optimization firm offers citations for SEO in over 50 countries, inclusive of US, UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.

All three of the Citation Builder Pro packages include a free audit, competitor check, copy spinning, and indexing.


  • Manual citation building services
  • One-time payment
  • Full ownership of listings
  • Photo uploading
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Specializing in local SEO for 50+ countries
  • Quick turnaround of 1-2 weeks depending on the package


Rates start at $35 and go up to $135 per package of 50-200 citations. Only the most expensive plan includes niche sites and Web 2.0 sites.

What Matters When Choosing Between Top Local Citation Builders: Price, Ownership, Sources.

Citation generators offer similar services with the major differences being:

  • One-time payment vs recurring payment.
  • Software tool with dashboard and user account vs manual Excel sheet reporting.
  • Number and quality of citation sources.
  • Indexing services & copy spinning.
  • Area of services (issue for smaller countries).
  • Login ownership stays with the platform or client.
  • Free trial & bulk discounts available or not.
  • Narrow local SEO specialization vs do-it-all global SEO players.

Once you know which one of the above options is better for your site, the choice is easy.

Larger companies with multiple addresses may need to look into the pricing more closely, as they will need to multiply each pricing plan by outlet, which accumulates quickly. Our advice is to approach companies directly for a custom quote if you have over 50 outlets to take care of.

Meet Apex Traffic — Affordable Organic Traffic Generator to Improve Local SERP Ranking

For those serious about their local SEO, Apex Traffic offers another way to boost your rankings by improving your CTR. Click-through rate is one of the major user engagement signals, that speaks about the high quality of content and drives SERP up.

Apex Traffic clicks generator leverages a residential network that creates human-like traffic to the webpages of your choice - or your Google Business Profile. This search engine optimization technique provides an instant boost of clicks as well as can be used sustainably to drive results over prolonged periods. Looking to skyrocket your newly built URLs to the top of Google? Try ApexTraffi free today.

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