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Facebook Bot Traffic Generator is a powerful and safe tool for driving high-quality and authentic-looking traffic from Facebook to your website. Facebook has long become one of the world’s major grounds for the development of businesses, and its acquisition of Instagram has only consolidated its position.

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Facebook Traffic Bot Features

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Organic Facebook traffic coming from different parts of the world (important if you need a targeted local traffic boost).

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Fine-tuning of all important traffic metrics, like bounce rate, return rate, behaviors, and time spent on a page.

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Convenient and fast process of ordering and getting traffic from Facebook.

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Any amount of traffic can be generated and delivered in a natural-looking way.

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The option to order local or super-local traffic for your business.

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You get the cheap Facebook traffic that is safe and confidential for your company.

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Payment is secure, executed by reputable payment systems via encrypted channels.

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You can monitor the delivery of the service in real-time in your Google Analytics or Search Console.


Our traffic-generating bot is designed to provide top-quality traffic in required amounts and to create the impression of fully organic traffic growth stemming from Facebook. Our tool offers the following features:

How Our Facebook Traffic Generator Works

It should not be a complicated procedure to buy Facebook traffic, and our bot is designed to work intuitively and efficiently for everyone, from beginners to SEO pros.

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Choose your plan

You explore the plans we offer, select the one that matches your needs, enter your target page URL and desired metrics, and deposit funds. The rest will be done by the bot.

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Customize Facebook Bot

After you’ve specified the number of visits, their preferred geolocation, bounce rate, time spent on a page, etc., the bot aggregates the data and organizes streams of Facebook traffic coming from different real browsers according to your demands.

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Monitor Traffic Growth

This traffic is properly detected and accepted by Google and it is visible in Google Analytics. You can check in and follow the traffic growth through your dashboard, as usual.

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Types of Traffic to Buy

Our Facebook traffic bot will generate the required number of site visits for a reasonable price, but is it somehow different from other traffic? And are there other kinds of traffic to buy? Yes, there are. Specific purposes of website promotion may need specific types of traffic, and Facebook traffic is one of them. Roughly, traffic can be divided into the following categories:

Organic Facebook Traffic


Payment is secure

Cheap Facebook Traffic

Monitoring in Google Analytics

With our help, you can get all kinds of traffic with the guarantee of authenticity and quality, and be sure that Google will detect it and count as a positive ranking factor for your site.

What Will You Get by Choosing Our Services ?

You gain lots of benefits from this Facebook traffic generator, but first of all, you get an impressive influx of traffic that will help your site visit counts literally skyrocket. But that’s not all. You also get:

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High-Quality Facebook Traffic

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Segmentation of Traffic According to its Source

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Improvement of Accompanying Metrics

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Safety of Services

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Easy Control of the Traffic Growth in the Google Analytics dashboard

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Secure Payment System

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Confidentiality and Expertise

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Great Customer Support

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Different Payment Plans to Fit the Needs of Different Clients

We have designed the tool based on our experience and careful analysis of the Google algorithms as they change and fine-tune every day. We know that it’s not enough just to do something, it’s necessary to do it so that it works for the benefit of our clients. And that’s what we aim to do for every customer.

Pricing policy

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What Our Clients Say About Us

The boost in visits will increase the site's visibility and positively impact its content authority. Let’s look at what our customers say:

Alice J., USA

‘I launched a blog for my hair studio because I have a lot of good content to share and I want to do it on my terms. But I had a thriving Facebook page before, so it seemed only natural to get lots of Facebook traffic for my site to make Google see it as legit. You delivered what you promised and now with lots of incoming traffic Google pushes my page to the top. Yay!’

Asif Seri, USA

‘Kick-starting a freshly built page can be a problem, especially if traffic should look more organic and coming from real people. Facebook traffic helps to overcome the problem and warm up the site rather quickly. I am glad I bought traffic here and so I highly recommend the bot and the team behind it.’

James Hewitt, UK

‘Speedy delivery, amount of traffic completely as promised. I needed specifically Facebook traffic and worried a little if it would turn out right, but it did. The service is fine, use it when you need a traffic boost for your SEO purposes.’

Trisha Watson, USA

‘I am a part of a small SEO team that just develops its business, so we need to impress our clients right from the start. So we try to select tested and reliable subcontractors and service providers so as not to let clients down. This service is great at delivering Facebook traffic (as well as any other kind of traffic), so it’s our go-to in our work. Tested multiple times.’

We provide quality traffic on-demand to all clients, site owners, and SEO experts alike. Anyone who needs Facebook traffic is welcome to come and get it safely and speedily.